Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Scariest Plumbing Stories Ever!

In every profession, there are tasks that can chill a soul to the bone. For example, endless hours of sitting at a desk as papers stack to the ceiling in never ending data entry. Another example might be speaking publically in front of people that you highly respect or don’t know. So with our industry, Plumbing, the scary stories that creep up are truly nightmares too. WARNING: This story is only for the strong in stomach.

Early in his career, the owner, Keith Miller remembers an account that he’ll never forget. He was learning from one of the best master plumbers from a different company, which has since retired and moved out of state (maybe partly due to this scary story). The job they were at was a home in Medina that had a backed up main sewer. Basically, the home sewer line was so backed up that traditional snaking from the main floor cleanout in the basement was not working. Luckily, the owner had another cleanout in the yard. Not knowing that the backup was of massive proportion, this highly respected plumber began to remove the cleanout cap. It was a tough one, the cap was sealed extremely tight, so the plumber positioned himself in front of the cap and began to pull, and pull till . . .

The cap popped off and out came spraying sewage and every other unimaginable disgusting thing right into the face of this plumber. Keith stood there shocked by what had just happened, as he rushed over to help, he noticed corn kernels on the face of the plumber too, probably from old food being washed down the kitchen drain that had caused the blockage. Needless to say, the plumber was able to wash and was completely fine, but it was a story for the TV Discovery Channel’s show “Dirty Jobs” with Mike Rowe. It’s a disgusting job, but somebody’s got to do it!

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