Monday, October 20, 2014

Three “DIY Maintenance Checks” for Your Home

Three “DIY Maintenance Checks” for Your Home

1.     Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

·         This month check your carbon monoxide and smoke alarms and put in fresh batteries.
·         Carbon monoxide is an invisible, odorless by product of natural gas and it can be deadly. Always install these detectors near each potential source of carbon monoxide near living and sleeping quarters.
2.     Main Water Shut Off Valve

·         This month check your main water shut off valve located inside your home. Simply, turn it on and then back off to ensure the valve has not seized up. If the valve is older, corroded or stuck, then call us so we can help.
·         It is important that the valve is in good working condition, in case a water heater bursts and/or water line freezes or bursts. By shutting off the main source of water you can prevent your home from accumulating water damage or flooding.

3.     Exterior Gutters and Downspouts

·         This month clear gutters and downspouts of debris and leaves. After major storms, check and make sure your downspouts are free flowing. If you don’t wait for a major storm, take a 5-gallon bucket and dump it down the downspout drain to make sure it is free flowing.
·         If you are noticing water around the foundation of your home, or the downspouts are not flowing as they should, this could be a sign of your storm sewers having a clog. Call us and we can help.

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